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Committed to supporting local communities through fundraising!

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The story of Sponge Fund™

Our Mission

Create at home working opportunities while helping animals and communities through fundraising, engaging families and friends by, "doing good".

Our Story

"You will do good with this, see Grandma for the money". The words my grandpa said to me when he loaned me $5,000.00 to start a new business opportunity. Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer shortly after loaning me the money. Since 2005, I struggled to understand what he was trying to tell me. I have trademarked, patented, and converted raw materials into several products that are currently available for sale in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico with his initial loan. Other than keeping my promise to make sure his beloved wife was laid to rest next to him I have not visited him. Sponge Fund® was developed to "do good" and after the first sale I was finally able to visit him and tell him about Sponge Fund®. Every purchase from Sponge Fund® directly helps a person and an animal. It also helps me personally to keep my grandfather's statement alive by "doing good" for others, this is what he meant.


Thank you Grandpa & Grandma,